Venionaire is a Venture Capital and Corporate Finance Advisor.

We offer a wide range of services for tech-related, early stage private equity transactions. Our specialists have deep knowledge in various industries and are realiable partners for your business in terms of preparation, execution and post-merger integration. Find out more about our entrepreneurial approach:


Our team consists of financial experts, serial entrepreneurs and investment professionals. We provide profound financial services that cover your needs – from successful execution of private equity and mezzanine capital transactions to debt management and restructuring projects.


We help companies to grow. Our know-how ranges from equity, mezzanine and debt capital financing to restructuring, technology valuation and corporate venture. Additionally, we offer professional workshops, communication strategies and assistance maintaining business relations in the Silicon Valley.


Our compact analyses provide an overview of trending industries, technologies and business models, helping you with making well-considered decisions and facilitating your communication towards investors. For clients interested in a specific topic, we are happy to provide individual insights.


Venionaire Investment, a subsidiary of Venionaire Capital, is currently raising a Venture Capital Fund with a final fund size of EUR 100 Million. Its core focus is on A and B rounds in Europe, where we are looking for fast growing companies with scalable technologies and business models that show disruptive potential.

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