Failure permitted! – A call for more courage and endurance!

If Howard Schultz had given up after having been turned down more than two hundred times by banks, there would be no Starbucks today. If J.K. Rowling had given up her writing ambitions after several publishers told her they did not like her ideas for a fantasy novel, we would never have heard about Harry Potter. If the young Thomas Alva Edison … Read more “Failure permitted! – A call for more courage and endurance!”

Karl Asamer joins Advisory Board of Venionaire Investment

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Karl Asamer onto the Venionaire Investment Advisory Board!

Dr. Asamer is CFO of AT&S and has comprehensive knowledge of the industrial sector, with many years experience in the global roll-out of products. He has a large network within the industry and is able to offer strategic insight into existing and future hidden champions in the german … Read more “Karl Asamer joins Advisory Board of Venionaire Investment”

Karl Asamer berät Venionaire Investment

AT&S-Finanzvorstand Karl Michael Asamer zieht neu in den Expertenbeirat des Venture Capital Fondsmanager Venionaire Investment ein. Das Unternehmen startet noch in diesem Jahr einen Venture Capital Fonds mit einem angestrebten Gesamtvolumen von 100 Millionen Euro.


Im Advisory Board berät der Finanzexperte mit großem industriellen Wissen das Management bei Investitionsentscheidungen. Asamer verfügt über langjährige Erfahrungen bei der globalen Markteinführung von … Read more “Karl Asamer berät Venionaire Investment”

Corporate Venture – A Survival Strategy for Dinosaurs and Unicorns

The digital era has already managed to sweep away some of the long-established market players, giving birth to new powerful and global acting ventures: From Uber to Tesla via Airbnb – the digital age distinguishes itself by it’s unique potential for scalability. A lesson the media industry learned the hard way. To quote one example: While the over 160 years old newspaper New York Times has a … Read more “Corporate Venture – A Survival Strategy for Dinosaurs and Unicorns”

500k Investment for Updatemi

Great news for Updatemi! The media startup gets 500,000 euros in a seed round. Updatemi filters and summarizes relevant news and information into updates consisting of six bullet points. The transaction was structured and executed by Venionaire Capital.

News reports
Managing to close half a million euro in funding is a great step foreword for Updatemi. As a result, several media outlets reported on the deal (in German): Futurezone mentioned that Updatemi wants … Read more “500k Investment for Updatemi”