New book about Crowdfunding and the Austrian Alternative Financing Law (AltFG)

The new book “Handbuch Crowdfunding und AltFG” (language: German) provides a comprehensive overview of the various systems of crowdfunding, the legal framework in Austria, especially taking into account the new act on alternative financing (Alternativfinanzierungsgesetz – AltFG).

The book is an ideal guide for entrepreneurs and legal advisors, as it explains when and what type of crowdfunding is … Read more

GSA Region outperforms rest of Europe in terms of average VC deal size

In 2015, the GSA region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) was responsible for €3.6 billion of Venture Capital invested through 374 deals. This yields not only the largest average deal size, but also Europe’s second largest share in terms of total Venture Capital investment. Only UK & Ireland outperform the GSA region with a total VC funding of €4.47 billion in … Read more