Coworking Spaces vs. Startup-Campus

Coworking Spaces in Austria and Europe

Our CEO Berthold Baurek-Karlic analyzed the coworking landscape in Austria and Europe for “Der Brutkasten”, the Austrian Startup and Innovation Platform. Here is compromised what he had to say:

  • The Austrian startup ecosystem is growing fast
  • With the growing ecosystem new industry sectors emerged, such as coworking spaces
  • We already have some established coworking
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5 Fundraising Tips

We are reguarly helping startups in their fundraising as well as analyzing a lot of pitch decks. From our long experience, we would like to present you 5 key fundraising tips:


#1 Do your homework

Time is always your most valuable asset, so don’t waste it. Find out everything you can about the fund: their investment strategy and focus, … Read more

What we can learn from the Silicon Valley Mindset

Silicon Valley is undoubtedly the most innovative region on the planet. Many people visit the valley every year to get an understanding of what makes this region so different. Is it the air, the water, the landscape? Or are people genetically different? Not so, because the 3.5 million people include 60.000 Germans, Austrians and Swiss who live and work here.… Read more

Digital News: How technology takes over the news industry

The digital era has resulted in a significant shift in consumer behaviour and in particular, how information is received and shared. This is an age in which almost every industry is radically changed as a result of technology and the news industry is no exception to this rule. This report gives you an overview of the most important facts on … Read more

4 tips to attract better deal flow

How can you attract better deal flow as an investor? There is a clear relation between the volume and quality of deal flow a business angel or early stage VC is able to attract and its potential performance. It does not matter how many companies one has founded, how many investments one has made, or how strong investment process or … Read more

A glimpse on the Iranian startup ecosystem

When we talk in Austria about innovation and startups, we almost always reference to Silicon Valley, London or Berlin. However, the startup ecoystem is gathering speed in other parts of the world as well. Take Iran as an example. The oil rich country is still struggling with economic growth, but on the plus side Iran has a highly educated and … Read more

How Startups profit from the Business Angel Summit

There are thousands of startup events, but often founders as same as investors are disappointed by the outcome. The problem is, if you actually want things to get moving you need time and the right setting. The Business Angel Summit in Kitzbühel – organized by the Austrian Wirtschaftsservice as well as Standortagentur Tirol and co-initiated by Venionaire – offers precisely … Read more