Fintech 2016: Investment Activity Overview

After 2015 has brought us plenty in terms of innovation and investing activity within the area of financial technology, the developments in the year behind us did not pick up such a fast pace. In 2015, we have witnessed the strong emergence of innovative financial services delivered through a blend of various channels, combining various platforms and technological tools. Besides, … Read more

The Corporate Startup Engagement of Austrian Companies

Venionaire Capital asked in the Austrian Trade Index (ATX) listed companies about their corporate startup engagement with surprising results: Every second company already works with startups and about two-thirds of the companies regularly participate in innovation and startup challenges in order to find new business ideas. Corporates identified Artificial Intelligence (AI) as particularly important.




Collaboration between corporates … Read more

KPMGs Pulse of FinTech – setting the pace

Last year European investment volumes were on decline not least due to political reasons: the turbulent political year of 2016 gave us Brexit, elections and referendums all across Europe (Italy, Austria, France), directly influencing the stability of financial systems and caution of investors. Similarly in the US: the elections, as the period of political uncertainty has influenced the investors on … Read more