What is a startup? – Understanding the difference between ‘search and execute’

What is a startup? Esther Gons from the Dutch Startup Studio NEXT.Amsterdam wondered how easily Austrians use the term “startup” for every kind of new business. In this guest article, she explains how NEXT.amsterdam defines a startup and why it is important to use this term precisely.


Startups are everywhere, they are disrupting, new, fast and moving quickly. Rapid … Read more

How technology will substantially change the way we communicate

It is not possible to not communicate – everything we do (or better said everything we are not doing) is a message to another person. Especially in B2B, communication is a vital aspect to a long lasting and successful customer relationship. We are living in an age where communication is instant – let it be via phone or messaging. Additionally, … Read more

What we can learn from the Silicon Valley Mindset

Silicon Valley is undoubtedly the most innovative region on the planet. Many people visit the valley every year to get an understanding of what makes this region so different. Is it the air, the water, the landscape? Or are people genetically different? Not so, because the 3.5 million people include 60.000 Germans, Austrians and Swiss who live and work here.… Read more

Failure permitted! – A call for more courage and endurance!

If Howard Schultz had given up after having been turned down more than two hundred times by banks, there would be no Starbucks today. If J.K. Rowling had given up her writing ambitions after several publishers told her they did not like her ideas for a fantasy novel, we would never have heard about Harry Potter. If the young Thomas … Read more

Hipsters collaborating with Suits: 3 tips how generations can work together

Now that the Generation Y is taking over as the main workforce in our economy, it is time for managers and companies to overcome long maintained stereotypes. Our guest author Martin Giesswein, Co-Founder of Digital City Vienna, explains why it doesn’t matter anymore if you wear a suit or tight jeans.


Stop quarreling about the bearded men with … Read more