Article Part 1: Economic Growth through Artificial Intelligence

In cooperation with Venionaire Capital, publishes a four-part article series on the subject of artificial intelligence.  We are concentrating on the economic aspects of how AI works to the current research and the future of artificial intelligence.

The first part shows the economic growth through artificial intelligence. While most people still associate the terminator with artificial intelligence, … Read more

What is a startup? – Understanding the difference between ‘search and execute’

What is a startup? Esther Gons from the Dutch Startup Studio NEXT.Amsterdam wondered how easily Austrians use the term “startup” for every kind of new business. In this guest article, she explains how defines a startup and why it is important to use this term precisely.


Startups are everywhere, they are disrupting, new, fast and moving quickly. Rapid … Read more

Get a 35% discount for EURUS 2017 Private Capital Forum

The EURUS 2017 is a foremost high-level international private capital forum taking place at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, October 12.

Bringing together leading fund managers, institutional and corporate investors, family offices, top-tier consultants and entrepreneurs from across Europe, the forum (and its venue) offer the perfect milieu for executives to take a step back to evaluate … Read more

Decision Making in the Venture Industry

René Andres under the supervision of Prof. Jörn Block from the University of Trier conducted a comprehensive study on decision making of growth venture investors. They did a “conjoint-experiment” with 798 investors, in which each participant was asked to make a series of decisions between several growth ventures that were presented to her/him. Their survey brought up some interesting facts … Read more

Get your Early-Bird Ticket for Bits & Pretzels now with a special Goodie

 Image: © Dan Taylor/Heisenberg Media.


Bits & Pretzels is a 3-day event for founders, startup enthusiasts, investors and business incubators. The festival will take place from September 24– 26, 2017 in Munich. The best-known entrepreneurs from around the world as well as young aspiring entrepreneurs will meet at the event to mingle with like-minded people. Speakers this year include … Read more

Top 20 European Accelerators of 2017

Our newest research discovers performance and quality of the best European Accelerators. We provide you with an overview as well as a ranking of the top 20 European accelerators. Our research team developed a scoring model to evaluate accelerators. However, it is quite tricky to distinguish between general early-stage funds, incubators, and accelerators, as the “naming” is not standardized yet.

Read more
Growth Hacking: Venionaire cooperates with Hackabu

Building and scaling up a customer base as quickly as possible is vital for every startup. We are proud to announce our new partnership with Hackabu, offering access to excellent services and a high-class pool of international experts in the field of growth hacking at special terms and conditions.

Hackabu is a team of growth hackers with a focus … Read more

Pioneers Festival: New VC Fund, New Fintech Accelerator, New Startup Investments

What a week for the Austrian Startup Ecosystem! In the light of the Pioneers Festival, capital300 announced to start the fundraising for a new venture capital fund with the goal to build the first Austrian unicorn. Raiffeisen Bank International announced its new Fintech Accelerator Program, called Elevator Lab, while the two Austrian Startups Timeular and closed significant financing … Read more

Verbund and OMV join forces for E-Mobility Infrastructure

Austrias leading charging network and charge-point-operator, a former joint venture of Siemens Austria and Verbund AG, welcomes a new strong partner: OMV. The international oil and gas company joins forces with the previous shareholders to enable further growth of e-mobility in Austria by providing necessary infrastructure and related services. OMV takes over a significant stake (40%) in SMATRICS. Austria has … Read more

Venionaire visits Chinas New Free Trade Region

China’s Liaoning province in Manchuria, with its capital city Shenyang, recently became Chinas third free trade zone. The city of Shenyang is well-known in China for its commodities and industrial production. It has about 9 million citizens within the core-city and more than 60 million people within its greater limits of the region Liaoning. During the past Olympic Games, the … Read more

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