Fundraising Playbook

Raising capital is always difficult – on average Startups get rejected over 100 times before they close a sufficient seed-round (to be clear: Investors not FFF). It’s obvious that this process wastes a lot of times for founders, as they should be working on their products, services, technologies, and clients.

Having raised money for a lot of startups and SMEs … Read more

Launch of a new Startup Academy

The Austrian startup media outlet launched a new marketplace, which delivers workshops and training especially for founders and related players in the ecosystem. DerBrutkasten developed the academy in close partnership with Austria’s leading education platform and edu-tech marketplace-as-a-service, powered by – a company that was founded by Alexander Schmid (CEO of courseticket), Markus Kainz (now … Read more

6 Trends in LegalTech

The new generation of lawyers has high expectations about what technology can do for them. With life cycles of innovation getting constantly shorter, we are surrounded by new disruptive technologies and this is not different in the legal world.  According to research from Thomson Reuters Legal, 579 “lawtech” patents were filed worldwide in 2016, up from just 99 in … Read more

The Austrian Startup Ecosystem – Strong as Ever!

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For a long time, thinking about self-employment and entrepreneurship wasn’t a priority in Austria with high entry barriers (investments). Luckily, times have changed. Digitization has dramatically lowered these barriers. Today, anyone can come up with a good idea at the kitchen table and use it on their laptop, and … Read more

Next  Level Leadership

Last week, I traveled to San Francisco and Berkeley, California to join the exclusive professional classes of Innovation Orbit for the latest on leadership, innovation techniques, and how to change corporate culture.  Innovation Orbit is a global executive training program focusing on innovation strategies, culture and tools used by leading corporates, public entities and startups. The classes rotate between Vienna, … Read more

Startups meet Lederhosen – Bits & Pretzels 2017

© Featured Picture: Andreas Gebert


At this time of the year (September) Munich is full of people from around the globe where Lederhosen or Dirndls – it is the time of the traditional Oktoberfest. A festival rather known for beer, Volksmusik, celebrities, and traditional Bavarian food – but there is also the largest and one of the most impressive … Read more

What Companies (and Start-ups) should know about WiEReG

On the 15th of January 2018, the Austrian law on Economic Ownership Register (wirtschaftliche Eigentümer Registergesetz – WiEReG) enters into force. The purpose of this register is to make ultimate beneficial owners transparent and verifiable and preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. The European Union ascertained a need to identify any natural person who exercises control over a … Read more

Article Part 4: The Future of Artificial Intelligence – WALL-E or Terminator?

In cooperation with Venionaire Capital, publishes a four-part article series on the subject of artificial intelligence. We are concentrating on the economic aspects of how AI works to the current research and the future of artificial intelligence.

The fourth and last article will concentrate on how the artificial intelligence will turn out in the future.

According to … Read more

Karrieremeldung: Ex-Raiffeisen-Manager Solonar unterstützt Fonds von Heinrich Prokop

Der aus der Puls4-Show „2 Minuten 2 Millionen“ bekannte Startup-Investor Heinrich Prokop hat den Finanzexperten Raimund Solonar für seinen Fonds Clever Clover gewonnen. Solonar unterstützt als Senior Advisor die finanziellen Belange der Portfolio-Unternehmen und wird zudem bei Exitverhandlungen sein Know-how einbringen.

„Raimund Solonar ist ein erfahrener Fonds-Manager der 40 Jahre Wissen in der Finanzwelt mitbringt. Sein internationales Netzwerk wird uns … Read more

The top 15 AI Deals in Europe

The marketplace for artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is thriving. Beyond the hype and the intensive media attention, the numerous start-ups and internet companies racing to acquire them, we can observe that private companies are increasing their investment and adoption to these technologies.

To complement the article series on artificial intelligence we would like to outline the 15 biggest deals on … Read more

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