5 Fundraising Tips

We are reguarly helping startups in their fundraising as well as analyzing a lot of pitch decks. From our long experience, we would like to present you 5 key fundraising tips:


#1 Do your homework

Time is always your most valuable asset, so don’t waste it. Find out everything you can about the fund: their investment strategy and focus, … Read more

4 tips to attract better deal flow

How can you attract better deal flow as an investor? There is a clear relation between the volume and quality of deal flow a business angel or early stage VC is able to attract and its potential performance. It does not matter how many companies one has founded, how many investments one has made, or how strong investment process or sound … Read more

Research on Corporate Venturing

Research on the benefits of corporate venturing for established corporations.

Corporate venturing offers a diverse portfolio of measures to make established companies more entrepreneurial. Especially for industries with dramatic changes in the market, corporate venturing is an attractive strategic choice. One of these industries is the energy industry.

What can corporate venturing do for an energy provider (utility) from Austria with … Read more

GSA Region outperforms rest of Europe in terms of average VC deal size

In 2015, the GSA region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) was responsible for €3.6 billion of Venture Capital invested through 374 deals. This yields not only the largest average deal size, but also Europe’s second largest share in terms of total Venture Capital investment. Only UK & Ireland outperform the GSA region with a total VC funding of €4.47 billion in … Read more

Corporate Venture – A Survival Strategy for Dinosaurs and Unicorns

The digital era has already managed to sweep away some of the long-established market players, giving birth to new powerful and global acting ventures: From Uber to Tesla via Airbnb – the digital age distinguishes itself by it’s unique potential for scalability. A lesson the media industry learned the hard way. To quote one example: While the over 160 years old newspaper New York Times has a … Read more

Innovate or die – why industries have to adapt fast

Adapting to new environments is the most important surviving factor for any business! Our Managing Partner Martin Steininger explains why.


“The only constant in the universe is change”, stated philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus. And change is constantly getting faster: It took about 2000 years before the Bronze Age was fully replaced by the Iron Age, but not even three … Read more

Startup Funding – five tips to improve your chances

Raising capital for your startup can be critical, considering a startups runway – mistakes could kill your project for good! External funding (Venture Capital) will enable you to grow your company much faster, more professionally and globally competitive. All of the startups which made it to the unicorn club in the first quarter of 2015, have been backed by several … Read more

Booming Cybersecurity in Austria

With the digitalization of almost every industry, the need for Cybersecurity in Austria and worldwide is booming. Andreas Tomek, Managing Partner of SBA Research – the leading Austrian IT security research center and Advisor for Venionaire Investment, explains in a guest post for IT-magazine Computerwelt why cybersecurity offers great investment opportunities, in particular for Venture Capitalists in Europe.

The Read more

Honestly, there is no Tech Bubble

Nowadays, there are several discussions about a potential tech bubble in the US Venture industry. Valuations of companies like Uber make markets fear that the world is heading towards a crisis similar to the bursting of the dotcom bubble in the first decade of this millennium. But what is actually a “bubble”? There is a wide range of literature about economic … Read more

Venionaire is new member of the BVK

We are proud to announce that Venionaire Investment recently became a member of the “Bundesverband Deutscher Kapitalbeteiligungsgesellschaften”, commonly known as BVK. The BVK is the association for private equity and venture capital companies operating in Germany. It cooperates closely with media, policymakers and universities and is actively promoting cooperations between different members.

Venionaire Investment is currently placing a SICAF-SIF … Read more