Coworking Spaces vs. Startup-Campus

Coworking Spaces in Austria and Europe

Our CEO Berthold Baurek-Karlic analyzed the coworking landscape in Austria and Europe for “Der Brutkasten”, the Austrian Startup and Innovation Platform. Here is compromised what he had to say:

  • The Austrian startup ecosystem is growing fast
  • With the growing ecosystem new industry sectors emerged, such as coworking spaces
  • We already have some established coworking
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What we can learn from the Silicon Valley Mindset

Silicon Valley is undoubtedly the most innovative region on the planet. Many people visit the valley every year to get an understanding of what makes this region so different. Is it the air, the water, the landscape? Or are people genetically different? Not so, because the 3.5 million people include 60.000 Germans, Austrians and Swiss who live and work here.… Read more “What we can learn from the Silicon Valley Mindset”

Challenge your Startup and get connected with Corporates
(from left: Dalia Preziosa (Österreichische Post AG), Gregor Bierent (New Frontier Group), Hannes Cizek (RZB), Walter Ruck (President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce), Gerhard Gamperl (Verbund), Maximilian Schausberger (A1), Sabine Toplak (Accor Hotels), Christiane Noll (Microsoft Österreich) and Robert Heinze (Connect Care – Winner of the Microsoft Challenge Season 1 © Florian Wieser / WKW)

Where do think Europe’s … Read more “Challenge your Startup and get connected with Corporates” An easy solution for selling digital goods

On Monday, launched its new online payment platform at the tech fair Money 20/20 Europe. The idea is to enable easy and cost efficient integration of professional payment methods for online shops specialized on digital goods. currently enables access to 200+ online and mobile payment methods and is constantly expanding its portfolio. This includes popular payment methods such as … Read more “ An easy solution for selling digital goods”

Dealmatrix: App conquers international events

Even in the high-tech world of startups, juries still use pen and paper to score companies at pitch competitions. With its jury app, the Austrian startup DealMatrix, an incubation project by Venionaire Capital, introduces a better way: The jury scores all pitches straight via the app along such criteria as team, market or scalability. The final ratings are automatically calculated … Read more “Dealmatrix: App conquers international events”

New book about Crowdfunding and the Austrian Alternative Financing Law (AltFG)

The new book “Handbuch Crowdfunding und AltFG” (language: German) provides a comprehensive overview of the various systems of crowdfunding, the legal framework in Austria, especially taking into account the new act on alternative financing (Alternativfinanzierungsgesetz – AltFG).

The book is an ideal guide for entrepreneurs and legal advisors, as it explains when and what type of crowdfunding is … Read more “New book about Crowdfunding and the Austrian Alternative Financing Law (AltFG)”

The Perfect Pitch Deck

Preparing for an investor presentation can be a tricky task. Whether it’s your first time sending a pitch deck to investors or you’re presenting at TechCrunch Disrupt in front of 5.000 people, structure and content are crucial for a coherent and convincing presentation.

We have put together a general guideline in order to help you best organize your pitch. Remember, you … Read more “The Perfect Pitch Deck”

“Better be on time!” – How timing owns startup success

Despite of the vast amount of venture capital funding that startup companies receive every year (US$48 billion in 2014), many of them fail to succeed over the long term. Apparently, access to financial means is not the only important factor for success. Other essentials can easily be identified when trying to assess the success or failure of startups. Beginning with … Read more ““Better be on time!” – How timing owns startup success”

Failure permitted! – A call for more courage and endurance!

If Howard Schultz had given up after having been turned down more than two hundred times by banks, there would be no Starbucks today. If J.K. Rowling had given up her writing ambitions after several publishers told her they did not like her ideas for a fantasy novel, we would never have heard about Harry Potter. If the young Thomas Alva Edison … Read more “Failure permitted! – A call for more courage and endurance!”

500k Investment for Updatemi

Great news for Updatemi! The media startup gets 500,000 euros in a seed round. Updatemi filters and summarizes relevant news and information into updates consisting of six bullet points. The transaction was structured and executed by Venionaire Capital.

News reports
Managing to close half a million euro in funding is a great step foreword for Updatemi. As a result, several media outlets reported on the deal (in German): Futurezone mentioned that Updatemi wants … Read more “500k Investment for Updatemi”