Venture Debt vs. Venture Capital – Series 2 of 4

In the second part of the series, we take a closer look at the difference between Venture Debt and Venture Capital. Click here for the first part of the series about “What is Venture Debt?”


Venture Debt vs Venture Capital

When comparing venture debt with venture capital, it is essential to bear in mind that venture debt is … Read more

What is Venture Debt? – Series 1 of 4

As an early stage startup, your most prominent concern is probably access to capital and securing the first 18 months. You do not want to see the fruits of your early work dying before they hit the market. You demand supplemental forms of financing that provide your company with the required capital at a reasonable cost.

Venture debt is an … Read more

Fintech 2016: Investment Activity Overview

After 2015 has brought us plenty in terms of innovation and investing activity within the area of financial technology, the developments in the year behind us did not pick up such a fast pace. In 2015, we have witnessed the strong emergence of innovative financial services delivered through a blend of various channels, combining various platforms and technological tools. Besides, … Read more – A Pitch Doctor for Startups

We have supported numerous startups during the last years and have spent hundreds of hours in pitch trainings with them. Startups need to practice, the type and kind of questions which investors will ask and they truly differ depending on the type of investor (Business Angel, Seed Fund, Venture Fund). The toughest part of a startup pitch is … Read more

Technology Stack for Investors I: Research

How to make it on the Road to Dakar? Winning the race with a strong investors’ brand. In this blog series, we explore what it takes to get your investment tools in order by looking at the following four major areas: research, deal flow, portfolio management and network management.


There is some truth to the saying that “investing in … Read more

About Unicorns and Black Swans

In his bestseller, The Black Swan, Nassim Nicholas Taleb lays out a theory about how people perceive probability. The book focuses mainly on events named “Black Swans” which distinguish themselves by holding three main characteristics:

  1. They have a possibility of occurring, no matter how unlikely this possibility may be,
  2. if they do occur, they cause a disproportionately high impact,
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