Pitchbot.vc – A Pitch Doctor for Startups

30 January 2017,   By   

We have supported numerous startups during the last years and have spent hundreds of hours in pitch trainings with them. Startups need to practice, the type and kind of questions which investors will ask and they truly differ depending on the type of investor (Business Angel, Seed Fund, Venture Fund). The toughest part of a startup pitch is the design of a true and convincing equity-story and to nail the technical part of communication. The first part is definitely where most startups fail, when they made it through the door, the second part takes a little talent and sometimes a skilled coach to get everything perfect.

Designing an equity story is very difficult, as startups are very fast developing companies and sometimes even professionals need a couple weeks to take everything up to an eagles perspective and bring all necessary facts into the right order. It is crucial to be clear about goals, the use of funds and a path which will deliver growth as you needed it – as well as the roadmap for product, market, technology and the human resources to get everything perfectly done. After some years in this business, it is definitely not rocket science to write down which questions come over and over again – this is the 80% part of a successful pitch – but it was very smart to put this together and offer startups a bot to train and improve their pitch – www.pitchbot.vc – congratulations, well done.

Pitchbot follows a logic which is close to our own analytic concept for deal screening or pre-screening to be precise. Pitchbot will ask you questions about your Team, Market, Validation, Traction, Growth, Product and Values, based on references from top-tier blog of the startup ecosystem (see https://www.pitchbot.vc/references).