We address all financial and transactional challenges faced by companies.

Corporate Finance

At Venionaire, we focus on the strategic, operational, and financial needs of a business. Our success depends upon achieving optimal results for our clients. We have the capacity to assemble balanced teams of industry, financial and operational experts in order to develop and implement workable solutions for your business.

We have supported corporates and finance executives in numerous transactions all over Europe and have a long personal track-record in providing high quality transaction services. A professional planning and structuring is the key to a successful and sustainable corporate finance transaction.

Our services include:

  • Equity Financing
    We procure equity financing via the public market (e.g. IPO) or the private market (e.g. angel capital, venture capital or private equity).
  • Debt Capital Financing
    We procure debt capital, such as loans, corporate bonds, promissory note bonds or medium term notes.
  • Mezzanine Capital Financing
    We procure mezzanine capital financing, such as subordinated loans, silent partnerships, granting of participation rights or financing via convertible or warrant bonds.
  • Restructuring and Turnarounds
    We hold a long and successful record in helping companies resolve complex situations and implement change.
  • Generation Succession
    At Venionaire, Generation succession planning is handled in a tailor-made approach. We take into consideration legal aspects, financial sustainability and personal desires.