We identify high potential targets and help you to achieve the best price.

Buy or Sell a Business

Every existing business today is challenged by fast growing startups, new technologies and shifting business models. Well established companies – no matter if listed or not – have learned to react faster and to constantly monitor disruptive technologies and startups.

Our services include:

  • Acquisition or Sales Strategy
    We help you develop and implement the most suitable acquisition or sales strategy.
  • Technological Know-how
    We provide you with insights about the most relevant technological trends for your market segment.
  • Acquisition or Sales Target
    We identify high potential acquisition or sales targets and provide you with a comprehensive initial screening.
  • Company Evaluation
    We evaluate companies in terms of strategic value, technology, HR and financials.
  • Tax and Legal
    We execute a complete tax and legal due diligence.
  • Deal Structuring
    We structure deals in a way which minimizes downside risks and upscales potential.
  • Evaluation
    We estimate deal valuations by taking internal, external and deal specificities into account.
  • Support by Negotiations
    We support you in taking control over the negotiations and achieve the best price.