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Our financial restructuring service provides advice in times of need. Unfortunately most companies have to face at least once the need for a change or restructuring process to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive environment. The necessity for restructuring can be caused by various events, like the change of a product or service offering, the intention of outsourcing business functions or the forced downsizing due to financial issues.


Our services include:

  • Initial Situation Analysis
    We performe a full due diligence of the initial situation, including identifying market segments, organisational structures, key operational issues and the reasons for failing performance.
  • Business Restructuring
    According to the situation, restructuring may include cutting costs or focusing on the core business through reducing the scope and size of the business.
  • Financial Restructuring
    Financial Restructuring centers around reducing debt and getting the balance sheet in good health.
  • Restructuring Review
    We provide a permant reviewing of the implementation process according to plan.

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