We find the perfect investors for your business to grow.

Fund your Business

Having personal experience as entrepreneurs in tech-related businesses, we know very well the difference between raising money and raising “smart money”. We know that it is very important to close a deal with good premises for following rounds.


Our services include:

  • Setting Objectives
    We discuss your case on an individual level in order to find your key strengths and weaknesses.
  • Market Research
    We provide a comprehensive research about your market.
  • Fundraising Preperation
    We help you set up an equity story out of internal and external facts. Furthermore, we assist you with the preperation of the fundraising documentation (incl. Pitchdeck, Financial plan, LOI, Termsheet).
  • Investor Identification
    We identifying strategic & financial investors which best fit your company.
  • Data Room
    We provide you support for setting up a professional data room.
  • Transaction Structuring
    We structure transactions which best fit the needs of your company and enable a clear path for following rounds.
  • Negotiations Support
    We help you during negotiations to maximize your deal value.

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