Landing Zone accelerates your business in Silicon Valley.

Landing Zone

Any Startup wishing to scale quickly must have a global outlook from the outset. Landing Zone enables Austrian Startups to do so by providing a range of services that allows them to have the presence they need in the Silicon Valley. Landing Zones takes care of establishing a postal address, phone number and connects every startup with a trusted manager, amongst other services.

Venionaire has recently developed an acceleration service for Austrian Startups wanting establish a foothold in the San Francisco Bay Area in collaboration with Austrian born, Silicon Valley based Startup consultant Florian Brody. Florian Brody has built successful Startups in both Austria and in the US and also serves as an adviser for the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Silicon Valley.


Our services include:

  • Representation at Relevant Events
    Landing Zone pairs companies with an experienced manager to forge and maintain business opportunities in the Silicon Valley.
  • Identifying and coordinating local partnerships
    Landing Zone helps your business develop in the Silicon Valley, by creating and maintaining local partnerships.
  • On-going Presence
    Landing Zone ensures an on-going presence  by providing a ‘virtual office’ complete with a San Francisco address (with mail forwarding) and US phone number (answered by a virtual attendant).
  • Co-working Space
    Landing Zone provides you with a place to work when visiting San Francisco in a central co-working space.
  • Media tracking and Clipping
    Landing Zone provides you with media tracking and weekly updates of relevant information.
  • Silicon Valley Business Trip
    Landing Zone helps you plan your business trips to the Silicon Valley.
  • Interim management of US entity
    Landing Zone takes care of all tasks and legal aspects related to the management of your US entity.

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Florian Brody

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