We accelerate startups to the next level.

We help you to build and grow your startup fast and learn from the best. Our service includes training and coaching for founders, assistance with the fundraising process and market communication. Landing Zone provides you with a permanent representation in Silicon Valley and introduces you to the industry players you need.


Grape is a communication solution for businesses that replaces email for company-internal communication. It provides users with a smart auto-complete, that attaches all their issues, calendars and files automatically, right as they type.


DealMatrix provides services for better investment decisions in private equity. The app DealMatrix SCORE assists investors and juries in the scoring process of startups, while DealMatrix SCREEN helps to handle and evaluate the applications of startups easily.

Updatemi developed an AI powered fact extraction technology that selects the important facts and reduces reading times over 90%. The technology improves business communication by replacing newsletters, intranet, and clipping services.


GuhIO is an operating system for IoT products, with already thousands of APIs available. It allows you to control many various devices. With the powerful rule engine you can create individual behaviors for your application.


EGO Sports manufactures an add-on electric motor kit, primarily for the action-bike-sports field. Founded 2008 in Salzburg (Austria), EGO has already received worldwide attention and is now on the way to expand the product portfolio.

With Yodel.io external contacts can be called directly from your favorite chat solution – such as Grape, Slack or Telegram – without having to leave the respective platform. Additionally, calls can be answered through the platform as well. Yodel is part of the Seedcamp Accelerator Program, headquartered in London.


AniMedes abstracts complex medical processes using 3D-animations and depicts it in such a way, that everybody can understand what’s going on. AniMedes informs patients in all necessary detail about their upcoming treatments.


Beavit was founded by Pia Baurek-Karlic in the year 2013. Her family runs pharmacies since several generations. Beavit connects traditional pharmacy tasks such as in-depth costumer advise and high product quality with the modern digital world.


Firstbird is the first free recruiting solution for employee referrals worldwide. It is a program that connects you with talent for your company, through the use of referrals. You can easily invite your employees, alumni, and business partners to be Talent Scouts. Firstbird took part in the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Program.

What do you get out of our Services?

Having personal experience as entrepreneurs in tech-related businesses, we know very well the difference between raising money and raising “smart money”. We know that it is crucial to close a deal with and under good conditions for following rounds.


Most startups need external funding to scale their business. Preparing and conducting a professional fundraising strategy take time and binds resources which founders need for their product. We are taking care of all financing aspects – using our vast network in the European Union and USA.


Having a good product or services is only one part of the story. New businesses need to market their idea heavily to create multiple touchpoints with their potential costumers. Our PR expert helps startups to get media attention, thereby winning new clients and building their trust in the company.


We analyze the status quo of a company and discuss with the founders further strategies. We help them to engage in structured communications with customers, suppliers, merchants and peer-startups, thereby gaining highly relevant information, networks and partnerships.


Our startups  get the chance to spend one week in Silicon Valley. We connect them with top players in the startup scene, peer-startups, investors, and journalists. Through LandingZone.at we can additionally offer every startup a permanent representation in the Valley for reduced prices.


Participating startups can request their own space in our office. We do have a nearly 300 m² big office with open space concept as well as separate conference rooms. The office is centrally located (close to subway station “Nestroyplatz”) with many restaurants and shops in the area.


We are experts in honing business models, working with startups on defining target groups, develop a launch and growth strategy and prepare solid financial calculations. We also offer regular workshops on equity story, transaction structure, fundraising, investors pitch, and much more.

So what’s the deal?

We strongly believe in the success of the startups we work with. Our solutions are tailor made for your exact needs, therefore we offer individual packages for individual startups.

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