Corporate Venturing: Managing the Digital Transformation

Corporate Venturing found its way to the forefront. But how can corporates manage the digital transformation process? Our CEO Berthold Baurek-Karlic wrote an article about this topic for the finance & controlling journal “CFO aktuell“, published by “Linde Verlag”.

In his article he emphasized the need for more institutionalized cooperations between startups and big companies, which can be … Read more

Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) – The Empire Strikes Back

Those Star Wars aficinados among you may well remember the episode: Darth Vader captures Han Solo and Princess Leia on Cloud City (please note how appropriate the name is in today´s era) to bait Luke Skywalker to come to the rescue which, unsurprisingly, he does. As Luke is a young and unexperienced Jedi, he loses the duel but he manages … Read more

Research on Corporate Venturing

Research on the benefits of corporate venturing for established corporations.

Corporate venturing offers a diverse portfolio of measures to make established companies more entrepreneurial. Especially for industries with dramatic changes in the market, corporate venturing is an attractive strategic choice. One of these industries is the energy industry.

What can corporate venturing do for an energy provider (utility) from Austria with … Read more

Corporate Venture – A Survival Strategy for Dinosaurs and Unicorns

The digital era has already managed to sweep away some of the long-established market players, giving birth to new powerful and global acting ventures: From Uber to Tesla via Airbnb – the digital age distinguishes itself by it’s unique potential for scalability. A lesson the media industry learned the hard way. To quote one example: While the over 160 years old newspaper New York Times has a … Read more