Verbund and OMV join forces for E-Mobility Infrastructure

Austrias leading charging network and charge-point-operator, a former joint venture of Siemens Austria and Verbund AG, welcomes a new strong partner: OMV. The international oil and gas company joins forces with the previous shareholders to enable further growth of e-mobility in Austria by providing necessary infrastructure and related services. OMV takes over a significant stake (40%) in SMATRICS. Austria has established … Read more

E-Mobility: Is the future really electric?

In the modern age, increasing global awareness of the need to minimise pollution, curb worsening climate change and reduce dependence on oil and petroleum products has begun to fundamentally change the outlook of several key industries such as utility, manufacturing – and mobility.


With this report we want to give you an insight of recent and future developments in … Read more

Why the VW Scandal is a Game Changer for E-Mobility

Climate change is one the most pressing issues of the 21st century, and with transportation being one of the largest contributors, it has been a major focus of the European Commission over the past decade. While the e-mobility sector has proven itself as possessing the technology to truly revolutionize transportation into a clean industry, Europe’s focus on incentivising diesel Read more