Discount for Blockchain Summit Austria

We know how important it is to organize the agenda from the beginning of the year in order to don’t miss anything. Let’s start by saving the dates of the most important events. 2019 will be full of technological events that will revolutionize the spectrum. There are more and more players in the field, more things to learn, professionals to … Read more

Don’t miss your Christmas Discount for 0100 Conferences

Santa Claus has already come to Venionaire and has left us great discounts for the best events next year.

We are pleased to announce that next 14th of March we will once again be partners with 0100 Conferences. The event will take place in Vienna and will bring together more than 300 leading fund and asset managers, institutional and … Read more

Hightech Venture Days 2018 – Meet Europe’s Best Hardware Scale-Ups

In order to the new  high-tech European companies to develop and survive in an international context, they need smart investors who support young companies with knowledge, networks and of course capital. Hardware in particular is extremely difficult, but it is possible and there is a Hub for them: Dresden, Germany!

HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS 2018 Europe’s leading investors’ conference in the … Read more

Get a discount for the Founders Conference Bits & Pretzels 2018

Bits & Pretzels is a 3-day event for founders, startup enthusiasts, investors and business incubators.

Venionaire is a proud partner of the Bits & Pretzels festival and we can support you with an exclusive €100 discount on the actual prices. Just head over to the website of Bits & Pretzel through the link below and select your preferred ticket!

 … Read more

Startups meet Lederhosen – Bits & Pretzels 2017

© Featured Picture: Andreas Gebert


At this time of the year (September) Munich is full of people from around the globe where Lederhosen or Dirndls – it is the time of the traditional Oktoberfest. A festival rather known for beer, Volksmusik, celebrities, and traditional Bavarian food – but there is also the largest and one of the most impressive … Read more

Kevin Spacey at the Bits & Pretzels Founders Festival 2017

Great news from the largest German start-up conference Bits & Pretzels: Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey comes back to Munich.

The largest German Founders Festival brings together more than 5,000 founders, start-up enthusiasts, investors and key decision-makers from the startup ecosystem, including many top CEOs, as well as the founders of Airbnb, Delivery Hero, Zendesk and many more successful startups. … Read more

Founders at Forum Alpbach

This week, Berthold Baurek-Karlic and Fabian Greiler attended for Venionaire the European Forum Alpbach. It is a great opportunity to meet top managers and politicians as well as founders and entrepreneurs in the Tyrolean Alps.

Among others Daniel Horak (CONDA), Markus Raunig and Daniel Cronin (AustrianStartups), Maggie Childs (Metropole), Lisa-Marie Fassl (AAIA), Christoph Richter (Intellyo), Mic Hirschbrich (Updatemi), Bernhard Hauser … Read more

Get a 35% discount for EURUS 2017 Private Capital Forum

The EURUS 2017 is a foremost high-level international private capital forum taking place at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, October 12.

Bringing together leading fund managers, institutional and corporate investors, family offices, top-tier consultants and entrepreneurs from across Europe, the forum (and its venue) offer the perfect milieu for executives to take a step back to evaluate … Read more

Get your Early-Bird Ticket for Bits & Pretzels now with a special Goodie

 Image: © Dan Taylor/Heisenberg Media.


Bits & Pretzels is a 3-day event for founders, startup enthusiasts, investors and business incubators. The festival will take place from September 24– 26, 2017 in Munich. The best-known entrepreneurs from around the world as well as young aspiring entrepreneurs will meet at the event to mingle with like-minded people. Speakers this year include … Read more

Pioneers Festival: New VC Fund, New Fintech Accelerator, New Startup Investments

What a week for the Austrian Startup Ecosystem! In the light of the Pioneers Festival, capital300 announced to start the fundraising for a new venture capital fund with the goal to build the first Austrian unicorn. Raiffeisen Bank International announced its new Fintech Accelerator Program, called Elevator Lab, while the two Austrian Startups Timeular and closed significant financing … Read more