Slovakia on the fast track

Need an effective solution for customer research? Want to look and feel good? Miss Harry Potter? Slovakia’s Startup Scene has a few aces up its sleaveOur Laura Lennkh had the pleasure to visit Slovakia twice within the last few weeks, both times coming back highly impressed by the talents that the country attracts.


On the 26th of … Read more

Startup Awards: Highlighting innovation in Slovakia

The Startup Ecosystem is evolving in Slovakia. One example is the program of STARTUP AWARDS, which is a competition for Slovak early-stage tech companies with global potential. Our business development expert Laura Lennkh will participate as mentor, advising startups on how to present their pitch at the STARTUP AWARDS final event in December. In addition, it is a good opportunity … Read more

Drone Wars – 3 Ways to Look at Drones

Generally, innovation comes about when that which is invented either solves a problem that hasn’t been solved before (cars revolutionized mobility), is cheaper in solving it than previous efforts (Uber vs Taxi), or provides us with an entirely new tool or gadget that we happily include in our lives (we didn’t need iPads). Drones, or unmanned aircraft system (UAS), can … Read more