Critical Success Factors (CSF) for Accelerators

Setting up a solid model for evaluating accelerator programs is difficult, as there are limited empirical evidence and data history of their performance. However, Michael Fowle from Northumbria University wrote a paper on this issue, which we can highly recommend reading.

The problem is always the same: Startups are fascinating but complex, their ecosystems are complex, and the perfect … Read more

Research on Corporate Venturing

Research on the benefits of corporate venturing for established corporations.

Corporate venturing offers a diverse portfolio of measures to make established companies more entrepreneurial. Especially for industries with dramatic changes in the market, corporate venturing is an attractive strategic choice. One of these industries is the energy industry.

What can corporate venturing do for an energy provider (utility) from Austria with … Read more

Why the VW Scandal is a Game Changer for E-Mobility

Climate change is one the most pressing issues of the 21st century, and with transportation being one of the largest contributors, it has been a major focus of the European Commission over the past decade. While the e-mobility sector has proven itself as possessing the technology to truly revolutionize transportation into a clean industry, Europe’s focus on incentivising diesel Read more

Finding Disruptive Innovation

Two years ago one of our Private Bankers introduced me to Dr. Günther Dobrauz, a Director of PWC (CH) and former Venture Capital Fund Manager, at a meeting in Zürich, Switzerland. This meeting turned out to be one of the most interesting ones I have had for quite a while. He explained to us a model (Technology BridgeTM)) … Read more

How to value Startups

Work hard and grow fast! Take your opportunity and work global. Digital technologies allow startups to address global markets. It has never been as easy to build such a scalable business. Aside from a fabulous idea, a great team and a phenomenal product, receiving enough funding is essential to succeed on a global scale. As viral growth is rather considered … Read more

Top 10 Tech Blogs

The world is changing! Disruptive technology is popping out of garages and aiming to shake industries every day. Innovative first-timers are challenged with copy-cats around the globe. Almost every week there are news about companies being bought by leading market players for unbelievable valuations and you did not even know them?

Broken down to a simple definition, successful innovation depends … Read more