2018: Switzerland’s year of Venture Capital

It’s no secret: Switzerland is a financial powerhouse with its global insurance and banking industry. However, it is not so commonly known that the small country in the Alps is also pretty big when it comes to venture capital. According to the Swiss venture capital report, Swiss startups received about CHF 1.24 billion in investments in 2018, which is an … Read more “2018: Switzerland’s year of Venture Capital”

Switzerland calling! START Summit in St. Gallen

Switzerland is the home of several world market leaders and excellent universities which makes it the perfect country to start a venture. On 17th and 18th April, startups as well as investors will meet at the START Summit, organized by students from the University of St. Gallen. The main objective of this event is to motivate and support young … Read more “Switzerland calling! START Summit in St. Gallen”