Venture Capital, Digital Transformation, Innovation

Venionaire is specialized in (Corporate) Venture Capital, Corporate Startup Engagement (CSE), Digital Transformation and High-Tech Innovation. We are a trusted partner for Scouting, Screening, Technology, Market and Competitive Analysis, Valuation, as well as Management of related transactions and portfolios with a high-tech footprint.



Our team consists of financial experts, serial entrepreneurs and investment professionals. We provide profound financial services – from successful execution of private equity and mezzanine capital transactions to debt management and restructuring projects.


We help companies to grow. Our know-how ranges from equity, mezzanine and debt capital financing to restructuring, technology valuation and corporate venture. Additionally, we offer workshops, communication strategies and assistance with business relations in the Silicon Valley.


Our compact analyses provide an overview of trending industries, technologies and business models, helping you with making well-considered decisions. We are happy to provide individual insights for our clients – such as corporates or startups in the frundraising.


Venionaire Investment is a majority owned subsidiary of Venture Capital and specialized in setting up and managing venture funds for third parties. The company is registered as a European Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) with a license for transnational management of EuVECA funds.

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    Startups meet Lederhosen – Bits & Pretzels 2017

    At this time of the year (September) Munich is full of people from around the globe where Lederhosen or Drindls – it is the time of the traditional Oktoberfest. A festival rather known for beer, Volksmusik, celebrities and traditional Bavarian food – but there is also the largest and one of the most impressive Startup Events happening alongside this event “Bits & Pretzels”. The founders, three successful entrepreneurs from Munich, claim they want to host the coolest Startup Festival in Europe and they do.
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    What Companies (and Start-ups) should know about WiEReG

    On the 15th of January 2018 the Economic Ownership Register (WiREeG) enters into force. The purpose of this register is to make owners transparent and verifiable and preventing money laundering and terrorist financing.
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    Article Part 4: The Future of Artificial Intelligence – WALL-E or Terminator?

    The fourth and last article will concentrate on how the artificial intelligence will turn out in the future.