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Valuing a startup is as much an art as it is science. High level of uncertainty, dilution in future rounds, weak data for comparable transactions and many other characteristics make startup or venture valuations significantly more difficult than those of mature companies.

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We have a created a free, easily accessible startup valuation calculator, offering the two most common valuation models suggested by IPEV Guidelines.

Get a first quick impression of what a company might be worth.

Make as many calculations as you want and play with the outcome.

We want to share the tool for free, which we made to make our daily work easier.

Valuation Methods for the Valuation Calculator:

Venture Capital

The Venture Capital method can be used to value early-stage, pre-revenue companies, which is why it´s widely used by VCs all over the world.

First Chicago

This method  is a situation-specific valuation approach and combines market-oriented and fundamental analytical methods.

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