We support your business with our financial and technical expertise.


Guiding a business towards success requires a diverse and multidimensional set of skills. We have helped dozens of organizations to fund, sell, buy, or restructure their business. Furthermore, we support our clients with an in-depth analysis of new technologies and provide guidance for new corporate venture projects.

At Venionaire, we focus on the strategic, operational, and financial needs of a business. Our expertise lies in our ability to assemble balanced teams of industry, operational, and financial experts, in order to develop and implement workable solutions for your business.

Venionaire has established itself as a reliable partner for debt management on the Austrian Market. We have successfully advised a vast number of treasury managers and implemented international standards of debt management as well as software for risk management.

Over the years, Venionaire has gathered extensive experience in the field of technology valuation, utilizing a broad range of techniques.

Start-ups often bring about innovation. We provide corporations with access to the most promising ideas and inventions by setting up and managing their corporate venture vehicles – corporate venture funds as well as accelerators.

Deal Advisory


Mergers, acquisitions, and restructurings are crucial events in a company’s life cycle, and success depends on both, elaborate strategy and professional execution. Accordingly, our services cover all aspects in that field, from preparation to closure, and we are proud to refer to an extensive track record of having successfully advised companies in a variety of deals.

Acquiring or selling a company includes several challenges. Venionaire advises its clients at every stage of the process: strategy, screening, preparation, execution, and integration.

The necessity for restructuring can be caused by various events. In any case, Venionaire is there to help. We hold a long track record of helping companies get back on track.

Growth Support


We take your company to the next level. Our growth support includes both training and coaching for founders, and assistance with the fundraising process and market communication. Through our stand-alone project Landing Zone we are further able to provide your business with an international setting and introduce your company to the Silicon Valley.

Through personal experience as entrepreneurs in different industries, we understand how important it is to find appropriate investors. We are aware of the critical steps. So far, Venionaire has successfully completed several fundraising mandates for various startups, particularly in early stages.

Venionaire offers a variety of workshops within the range of finance, law and personal training. Feel free to book a current workshop on our partner’s website or contact us for individual requests.

Apart from finding the right investors for your company to thrive, Venionaire offers additional services within the scope of marketing and public relations.

Landing Zone is a specialized acceleration service providing start-ups a permanent presence in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Silicon Valley, to promote and accelerate their business.


Our team regularly provides compact, informative insights on various industries, technologies and business models. We analyse risks and opportunities, help you with making well-considered decisions and facilitating your communication towards investors. Additionally, you can mandate us for individual Insights.

Venionaire Insights provide you with all the information necessary to get an overview and a better understanding of selected topics within our field of expertise, for example E-Mobility or Internet of Things. To ensure quality and authenticity, all papers are written under survey of one of Venionaire’s partners.

We also offers Insights on demand for clients wishing to understand specific technologies, the potential of new markets, emerging business models or even their competitor’s strategy. For more information please: