Hightech Venture Days 2018 – Meet Europe’s Best Hardware Scale-Ups

In order to the new  high-tech European companies to develop and survive in an international context, they need smart investors who support young companies with knowledge, networks and of course capital. Hardware in particular is extremely difficult, but it is possible and there is a Hub for them: Dresden, Germany!

HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS 2018 Europe’s leading investors’ conference in the … Read more

Fintechs meet up in Berlin

The Pioneers Festival attracts over 2500 attendees, selected startups and investors to Vienna’s Hofburg every year. Now, Pioneers has started a series of smaller events around Europe with a focus on selected topics. Venionaire recently attended the Fintech.Pioneers event in Berlin 16-17th February 2017. Fintech.Pioneers started in a relaxing ambiance on Thursday in a former brewery and soon to … Read more

“Better be on time!” – How timing owns startup success

Despite of the vast amount of venture capital funding that startup companies receive every year (US$48 billion in 2014), many of them fail to succeed over the long term. Apparently, access to financial means is not the only important factor for success. Other essentials can easily be identified when trying to assess the success or failure of startups. Beginning with … Read more

Failure permitted! – A call for more courage and endurance!

If Howard Schultz had given up after having been turned down more than two hundred times by banks, there would be no Starbucks today. If J.K. Rowling had given up her writing ambitions after several publishers told her they did not like her ideas for a fantasy novel, we would never have heard about Harry Potter. If the young Thomas Alva Edison … Read more

500k Investment for Updatemi

Great news for Updatemi! The media startup gets 500,000 euros in a seed round. Updatemi filters and summarizes relevant news and information into updates consisting of six bullet points. The transaction was structured and executed by Venionaire Capital.

News reports
Managing to close half a million euro in funding is a great step foreword for Updatemi. As a result, several media outlets reported on the deal (in German): Futurezone mentioned that Updatemi wants … Read more

Panel discussion with Kirsty Craig about funding a startup

This Friday belonged to Viennese founders and entrepreneurs! The Vienna Business Agency celebrate with “Gründen in Wien” the open day of Vienna’s startup scene. Our Junior Analyst Kirsty Craig took part as speaker in a very exciting panel discussion at the newly opened coworking space CO SPACE. It was organized by “Prepare4impact”, an initiative to promote female entrepreneurs and establish female … Read more

Why Vienna is the perfect startup hub


We are extremely happy to have recently welcomed on board Kirsty Craig as Junior Analyst. She is a natural born networker, and is already very well connected to the Viennese startup scene, although she moved to Austria only a couple of months ago. According to Kirsty, Vienna could become a leading startup hub in Europe and here’s why:


Vienna: A rising startup hub

The … Read more

Courseticket goes Tel Aviv

For startups in e-commerce it is essential to think, work and connect with people globally. Alexander Schmid (on the picture at the foreground) and Markus Kainz, founders of the education platform courseticket.com, are showing how it is done: After winning the first Pitching Days in London, they have been selected as one of nine Austrian startups for the next … Read more