Alternative Finance: Crowdinvesting on the Rise in Europe

Crowdinvesting as we know it today, began to gain traction in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis, as raising capital through traditional institutions was becoming evermore difficult. Crowdinvesting was originally seen as a much-needed solution to the long-standing funding gap but this model soon proved itself as a legitimate source of investment. Although crowdfunding and crowdinvesting have experienced … Read more

Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the Industry

What is IoT? Internet of Things is one of the most trending buzzwords in the venture ecosystem. Sometimes people refer to it as “Internet of Everything” or “connected everything”. Although the word is used in all kind of different contexts, people have still difficulties to understand IoT as a whole. We at Venionaire approached this area through our Insight about … Read more

Smart Mobility: Is the future really electric?

In the modern age, increasing global awareness of the need to minimise pollution, curb worsening climate change and reduce dependence on oil and petroleum products has begun to fundamentally change the outlook of several key industries such as utility, manufacturing – and mobility.


With this report we want to give you an insight of recent and future developments in … Read more