New Release: Erfolgsgründer – Made in Austria

10 November 2014,   By   

Starting a business takes guts, and in most cases this decision will be live changing. Startups are often the culmination of many years preparatory work, the beginning of an not just an adventure story. For the good of our wealth we all hope for the best, but in the end it is an uncertain and challenging future a brave founder decided to go for. What is it that drives this people? Why do so many fail with their promising ideas? What are the drivers of donors, consultants and co-founders and do they all follow the same goal? Often single founder personalities are essential for sustained success.

The book “Erfolgsgründer – Made in Austria” (Available for Kindle and in print – Language: German) looks behind the scene of 25 successful Austrian Startups, through interviews with inspiring personalities, who have led or are leading a startup at the moment.

The Authors: Helmut Pöllinger brought his over 25 years of experience in managing a fast-growing tech startup (Brainloop), start-up and exit experience, Berthold Baurek-Karlic his experience in Corporate Finance, Venture Capital, establishment and management of startups and Fabian Greiler his journalistic experience, see his blog post about the presentation of the book.




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