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16 December 2014,   By   

The world is changing! Disruptive technology is popping out of garages and aiming to shake industries every day. Innovative first-timers are challenged with copy-cats around the globe. Almost every week there are news about companies being bought by leading market players for unbelievable valuations and you did not even know them?

Broken down to a simple definition, successful innovation depends on brains, money and awareness! Sometimes it is a “winner takes it all” and in other cases there is room for small set of players. It is very hard to figure out what happens next in the venture market, hence – if you want to be an extraordinary entrepreneur or a really successful early stage investor – it’s essential to develop a feeling for this.

It is not always the first product or the one which provides the most features, in most cases there is a product which fits the customer best. There is no DNA for success!

Following the most influential tech blogs will help you to understand, which technologies, business models and products are trending and which transactions happened. Most young entrepreneurs will follow their industry, peer competitors and market movements. The best investors are very well prepared to challenge founders on their home turf. Information is key. Investors need a good understanding of risks, competitors and premises of success.

Top 10 Tech Blogs (ranked by our team):

  1. TechCrunch
  2. Venture Beat
  3. Wired
  4. Mashable
  5. Huffington Post (TECH)
  7. Gizmodo
  9. Bloomberg (TECH)
  10. The Next Web (TNW)

Working as a professional in such an environment, eventually leads to a lot of reading and research. We recommend to concentrate on international tech blogs to keep a good macro overview, but when it comes to a potential transaction it may be smart to challenge your ideas and thoughts with a professional advisor. Venionaire Capital has access to a number of professional databases, which provide deep insight in deal data, benchmarks and multiples. All these information are the foundation for a qualitative and quantitative company analyses, which is the key for an objective market valuation.

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